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Senior Specials for July

Forgot to mention we are still working on our July / August specials.

So in the meantime we are extending the May / June specials.

Keep in mind, once the July / Aug specials are posted you can choose that instead of the May / June if you prefer.

Senior, Parade, Baby & Bag!

Wow, it's has been insanely busy. We have so much going on we haven't had time to even do a quick post in weeks. Now I have loads of images to pick from and not much time to do it. So I'm keepin' it simple, just a few for now and the rest will be added to the website later.


We are booking fast!!! We are currently averaging 10-12 senior bookings each week. August seems to be the most popular time for sessions. We still have openings so call us fast before we fill up.

A quick note on our senior specials. When we have a special going, say for example our June special, all you need to do to lock into that deal is to book your session. You don't have to get you pictures taken in that month to get the special. Also, if you lock into a current special by booking your session and a month later we run a different special which you prefer you can choose that special instead. That's how we do!

We've been booking lots of sessions because we are unique and different (and because our images, choices and pricing just plain rocks!) and we love it! It's been funny watching some of our competitors who claim to be "modern", "cutting edge" and "different" try and copy our style:) A month ago they were shooting on white bed sheets and now they're scrambling to try to assimilate our look and style. WE ARE TRULY FLATTERED! It's great because it lets us know were on the right track and it really is a compliment. (quick note to other photogs, we do copyright our images and composites so be very careful)


Well, another parade gone by. Grandville's 4th of July parade was a riot!!!

We handed out just shy of 8,000 red white & blue beads and over 5,000 pieces of skittles, nerds, laffy taffy, starbust and other assorted treats. Here I was thinking I would have some leftovers to keep in the studios (and snack on myself) but no such luck. It was really cool to see a lot of our clients at the parade, we made sure to give them a handfull of beads instead of just one strand.

No new pictures of the float (it was the same as the Memorial Day float, check past blog posts to see it if you so desire). I did however manage to shoot some fireworks pics. Here's one of my favorites.

I know, I know, another same old same old fireworks shot. What photog hasn't shot fireworks. I needed some good shots for July promo materials and didn't have any so I figured I better get some for next year since I refuse to buy stock images (being a photog and all).


Six month cutie sums it all up!


Another photo handbag delivered. Double sided Med Canvas Socialite handbag.

That's it for now. I'll try to keep up with quick and simple posts as much as possible. Thanks to all the people who have been asking when we're going to post something new on the blog, I'm glad someone reads it!

Rock On,