Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gone...Just a Week again!

Heading off to the Latin American Photographers Conference again ;) Back on the 15th. Mucho Bueno!!!

Excited to work on some of this years concept work and gear up for another Rockin' Year!!!

The new Jenison studio will be done soon so I'm really looking forward to that (if it drags out any longer I am gonna SNAP!!!!)

I have some fresh new stuff we're adding this year, I can't wait.

We've been booking 2012 Senior Sessions and some of the prime time summer time slots are starting to fill up so give us a call asap to schedule your session if you're a 2012 Senior! With the number of 2012 Senior sessions I've booked so far I'm thinking twice about even doing a brochure.

We're at 94-96% referral/repeat client base every year which I think is a great thing!! We let our images and our past clients do the talking for us, no marketing hype here. That's part of the reason for our new additional tag line "We stand behind our work, Not in front of it!" in reference to all the flashy photographer websites out there these days. Music and images that zip around the screen fading in and out for just a few seconds looks cool but when their customers get their pictures and there's no music or glam they're just left with mediocre images at best and feel let down.

This year I was amazed at the number of last minute sessions we booked in the late Fall from people who tried a "friend who takes pictures" or a new photographer they thought was "professional" but 4 months after their session when they finally got their proofs they were disappointed to say the least.

That's why my goal is (and has always been) to give you so many great images to choose from that you have a hard time just trying to narrow your favorites down to 100. Of course this sounds great until you're the one pulling your hair out trying to narrow down your favorites to 25, 50, 75 or 100! I've heard so many horror stories from new customers who went somewhere else with one of their older children and said "there literally wasn't even one image that was worth ordering from" and "the pictures they took didn't look anything like my daughter".

My job is to capture your senior's true personality without a bunch of crazy props or post production filters/actions in photoshop (used by other photographers to salvage & mask a just plain bad image). We capture great images that don't need to be mega-photoshopped but if you do like a little extra zing we can do that too...and it's free. With a properly lit, exposed, balanced image you can do anything in post production. With a bad image shot in program mode you have very few choices in salvaging the image, that's why we do it the right way from the start!

We shoot for a fun, relaxing, show their true personality session and we'll get so many phenomenal images you'll want all of them!!

Recognize one of our past seniors on our website? Ask any of them how they liked the whole experience! Word of mouth is key for us and that's why we will still be shootin' 30 years from now!!

Did I mention...this year is gonna ROCK!i! That's all for now.

Rocko Ono (my Spanglish sign off for today:),