Monday, July 28, 2008

J-town Senior...

Just a couple from Friday's session. I've got a few hundred awesome images to pick from and post later. Here are two that I was just diggin' cause they're different...


Just a couple quick comps to show some sports composites.

Still haven't got the senior composites up on the website yet so here's a link to the old sites section:

I did manage to update the click rewards though!

Rock On,

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rockin' Lowell Senior, Literally...

...and the session was a blast! He was playing some stuff unplugged while I was lighting and it sounded great, I wish he would have brought along his amp.

Here's just a couple quick pics:


Rock On Justin, Rock On!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh That's Right, I have a Blog...

...better post something.

Busy, yup, more like CRAZY BUSY!!!!

Every time the phone rings it's the same comment: "every other studio's pictures look the same, CLICK is different, it looks like you really capture people's personalities" and I never get sick of hearing it because that's why I do what I do.

I'd love to be like the other studios, it would be a lot easier. Same old same old, pose girls just like the guys, one pose fits all. Showing ALL seniors on the same old tile floor stucco wall as if the camera is permanently mounted there, same picture only the people change year after year after year. But that's not how we do it. How many times are you a senior? Are you just like everyone else? We don't think so! I love the challenge of capturing real personality.

Be Different, Be You!

We still have some openings in Aug and a fair amount left in Sept so Don't Worry just yet (but you should at least call and check availability before we book up solid).

New News:

Just signed up with twitter ( Sister in-law said I should. I heard about it last year on G4 tv but figured it was just another distraction. First thoughts- I have better things to spend my time on (aka blog). But figured I'd check it out, it did sound kind of simple and fun. Signed up, tried to set it up...second thoughts, too many tweets, server overloaded, why did I sign up? I'm giving it a month to see if I likey, so far not so much.

Other News:

Yes, that was Tim Kasberger in the parade with us on the 4th of July (thanks for the inquiries). Tim and I go way back... (back to when we were 14 year old hooligans). I created the TK logo, website and marketing materials for TK foto, that's part of the reason why I waited until he retired to push my portrait photography, I felt it was a conflict of interest. I also created the Color Inc logo btw.

Other Other News:

If your sending session deposits you can send them to our 896 home office or the 7813 Cottonwood Dr, Jenison, MI 49428 studio address (which is still under construction, don't get me started...). We Do Not have a mailbox at our 1111 Godfrey Studio so don't send anything there, use either one of the Jenison ones.

Here's some pics from recent uploaded orders and some random sessions lately (not playin favorites)



Lowell Senior:


There are another 300 images from this session that are as good or better than these, incredible session! If I have time I'll post some more.



My crabby little baby! I'm seriously ordering a 20x30 of this one! Ever since she turned 1 I can't get a good shot of her.

That's it for now.

Rock On,

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ah Ah Ah Ah Still Alive, Still Alive...

...Yep, I'm still alive, just been too busy to post anything new.

I'm starting to think that updating the website might be a bad thing! If I'm this busy with images that are 1 or 2 years old on the site, it's gonna be insanely busy with the fresh stuff!

Quick Notes:

Grandville 4th of July parade was a riot!!!!! A bit stressful though!

We had over 12,000 pieces of skittles, tootsies, laffy taffys, nerds and other assorted goodies but we came up about two blocks short (I always feel bad for the people at the end of the parade route, they always get left out) next year I'm saving a few bags of goodies just for the end! Although, having over 30 people throwing treats will do that. Luckily "Jim D" was at his summer home or our number of candy tossers would have been even higher (with his entourage and all)!!!

For the 2009 seniors that were not at the parade and missed our nice freebie, Chillax...we're still gonna hook you up! Let us know you read the blog and give us the promo code "IMJ4P" and we'll still get you your free 16 wallets and an additional pose! That's just how we do.

I know I'm going to regret that one! Our 2008 June & July so far is busier than last years Aug & Sept!

Side Note

We're getting a lot of calls where people are thinking were booked solid in August and September! We're NOT booked solid yet! We booked up in May and June because of the mega deals (note to self: not so much next year) but we still have open session time slots in Aug, Sept & Oct.

We keep at least 2 days a week open for children and family sessions. When the other days get booked up with senior sessions we open up those 2 reserved days. It's our buffer zone.

So yes, we probably have an open time slot for you!

Rock On,
"all the images on the walls of our studio are ones we shot!"