Friday, February 6, 2009

Gallery Wraps... time to ramble on, too busy.

I had to post pics of two CLICK Galleria orders that came in this week. The first is this mega cool triptych:

Each panel is 12" wide and 20" tall and the overall size is 20"x38"! Definitely the coolest gallery wrapped canvas I've ever seen. Price - $460.00


This sweet 20"x30" gallery wrapped canvas:

Price - $400.00

I'm still getting swamped with 2009 senior orders (they've been coming in slow this year) and still actually shooting 09 seniors (just had another last week) but I hope to get the wedding, children's and 2010 senior pics and info up on the website soon!

Update on the J-town studio? Not a lot of change since my last update other than the walls for the 26'x40' studio addition were poured and backfilled early Dec., got some more windows in and more siding up, still a lot more to do though. I can't wait til it's done!!!

Rock On,