Thursday, August 30, 2007

Almost forgot..

These two images go along with the previous post. Well, kinda. Same senior but different locations.

I love the studio one! That session was a riot! There are literally about 50 other shots from that session that just plain rock!!! I'm just glad I don't have to pick the finals!

The beach session was a blast too! I narrowed my top picks down to 16 for that session. I need to stop shooting so many, but when we're having fun it's hard to stop clicking:)

Can't bring your Grand Piano to our studio... problem, we'll bring our studio to you!

Just a sample of our "porta studio" session. If it's too big or just can't be done in studio we'll bring our studio to your location. Professional photography & equipment right where you need it. There is a difference.
something different, something fresh, something new...

Praise The Lord!, my car broke down...

I know what you're thinking. Has this guy finally snapped. Were 2-5 sessions a day for the month of August just too much for him?

Nope, I'm just happy to be so blessed.

After a near fatal soaking of my mobile studio gear last week Wed (Praise The Lord everything was ok) I noticed a strange sound coming from the brakes of my truck. Thursday afternoon when I backed out of the driveway I heard a clunk and then a nasty grinding sound. After a quick inspection (and a HUGE chunk of brake pad laying in the driveway) I came to the conclusion that it was time for new brakes. To add insult to injury, while under the truck I also noticed my drive shaft cv boot was torn (like they say, when it rains it pours:).

So how come "Praise The Lord"?

Let me tell you. At first I was thinking "come on, I'm just starting to get ahead and things are looking good" then it hit me, don't be negative, God has given me a gift to fix things myself. So instead of spending over $2000 at the jeep dealer for a new half-shaft, brake pads and rotors I'm spending 2 hours and $156 and appreciating another gift God has given me.

It was a good lesson in staying positive and acknowledging the gifts you've been given.

I am truly blessed.

Another thing I'm thankful for is the township approval for rezoning our "coming soon" Jenison studio. We should have some illustrations of our new studio in a few weeks. I can't wait til it's open for biz. You'll have to experience it to believe it!! We are so excited!!!!

Session in 1 hr., gotta run,

Another Photo Handbag Delivered!

Just a quick post showing a cute little candie photo handbag that went out last week.

Check back soon for fresh posts! I should have time tonight.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Close Call...

So, it's a 7pm Wed night beach shoot, heard there's a storm's comin' but I figure I have time to hammer out some great frames (always the optimist).

Wind starts picking up, lighting way over the lake...I still have time.

Getting darker, loosing light, more wind...I still have time?

It starts to pour rain! Camera equipment and water no mixo. Between two bodies, three lenses, porta strobe, rf's and misc stuff I figured (in my head as I was running up to the truck for cover), well over 10,000 in gear getting wet. I thought my clients would get a chance to see a grown man cry.

The good news, we captured some great images and all of the equipment is fine!

The last image is my favorite, and it literally was the last frame.

Funny story, my senior says "I want to put sand on my face and have you take a picture".

I'm a bit skeptical but I'm up for anything. Everyone that was on the beach had cleared out about 15 minutes ago, we're loosing light FAST, I'm shootin' 2.8 at a 30th, around 100mm hand held, not the optimal conditions suffice to say. But we got it!

Just goes to show, we want to hear your ideas!

That being said, if she had suggested getting in a formal dress and laying on a log by the water for some shots...we might have to re-think. I've actually seen it done before and it's not good (although..., shot professionally it might be really nice:).

We custom tailor each session based on our client's needs. They love it and we love it, it's a win win!

Oh, quick note. We list sessions like our studio select and beach at 30 minutes and 1 hour but we usually double that if you have the time (at no extra charge). So plan extra time if you so desire.

We been getting a lot of calls where people think we're booked out months in advance. We do have open time slots, call us and we'll get you scheduled.

Another thing we've been hearing, "it's too good to be true" and "those shots are of the people who spend a lot" both not true. We treat all of our clients the same regardless of what they spend. We don't ask what your budget is, we just shoot each session the way it deserves to be shot, the right way! I must admit, I like the idea of raising our prices to meet the quality of work (I'm not talkin about $95 for an 8x10, that's just ridiculous, this isn't NY) we're keepin the price low as long as we can.

Also, we have a TON of new stuff coming up. Web updates, News, New offerings and products...We will try to post more often (since it's been a month since our last post!!!!).

Rock On,