Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What's New...

Still getting slammed with orders for 2010 seniors, booking 2011 seniors already, working on updating the 2011 senior website, marketing materials, construction on the new Jenison studio, updating the Grand Rapids studio, family life...this list just keeps getting bigger! What ever happened to my slow time in the spring?

I did get a nice little break this past Saturday...SuperCarSaturdays!!! My friend asked my if I wanted to drive with him to Chicago to go to a car show...let's see, 3 hour drive there, 3 hours back in a Lamborghini...uuuh, YES I'm in!!! Not to mention all of the cars I saw once we arrived! Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes, Roll Royce, Tesla, Audi...I lost 5lbs in water weight that day just from drooling.

I'm such a ding dong, I've got thousands of dollars in pro cameras and lenses, do I bring them with me? No, I didn't even think to bring my little Fuji Z5 point and shoot! So I had to resort to the whopping 2 megapixel camera in my cell phone (plus I was there as a supercar fan not a photographer). It's so bizarre to take pictures with no light meter, shooting in auto and no custom color balancing. Next time I'll bring the good stuff and get some really killer stuff.

Here are a couple pics I snapped with my cell camera:


Quick Note: It's not to late to get your custom designed open house announcements!! Call or email us for pricing and samples!

also, If you're a 2011 senior looking for senior portraits the sooner you book the better the deals! We should have our gallery of 2010 seniors up in the next week or so as well as some new stuff for 2011.

Rock On,