Friday, August 27, 2010

Lights, cameras...action!

Yesterday in fact! I love movies but what I love even more is seeing everything that goes into creating a great movie. Yesterday I got too see the real pros in action right next to our downtown studio location! 30'x40' diffusion panels, 20'x30' bounce panels, a truckfull of gobos and light modifiers (literally, it was a big stake truck packed full), HUGE light stands, million dollar cameras, generators, a crew of about 50 was AWESOME!

The movie they were shooting was "30 Minutes or Less" and in between my sessions I got to kick back and watch them film.

Above is a shot I took of Jesse Eisenberg & Aziz Ansari during one of the takes. I'm just kickin back snackin on some Taco Bell when I realize "hey, I got my camera equipment right here in the back seat, why not snap a few" so ta da, here's one of them.

It was so cool, the crew was gigantic...they had one guy just for metering light. That's the first time I've EVER seen anyone (besides myself of course) using a light meter at our downtown location!

I love seeing movies in the works! A few weeks ago I stumbled onto the set of the upcoming movie "Touchback". I was driving down the road with my 3 1/2 year old daughter and saw a glimpse of a film crew and cameras, I thought maybe it was a tv commercial. Since I love anything video I figured we'd check it out plus I figured it would be fun for my daughter to experience. After taking a side street to come back around I saw about 40 people and some massive lighting...that's when I knew it was actually a movie being filmed. Very Cool!!!

Other News:

We now have the concrete parking lot and driveway completed at the Jenison studio! Now it's time to get cranking on the inside. We originally hoped for a fall 09 opening (which came and went) but I'm really thinking it will be complete late this Fall (if not I'm going to snap!).

We've been slammed with sessions and orders all summer (part of the reason I haven't posted anything since May:). August booked up solid a few weeks ago, September is a little over 60% booked but there are still openings so call us soon! October has a pretty decent amount of openings as well.

We've shot a ton of PHENOMENAL sessions this summer!!!! I can't wait to post some samples!

REMEMBER we shoot from 8AM til 12PM M-F so even though school is starting soon we can still get you in for a session! If we are booked during the week and can't get you in I'm thinking about picking a Saturday in Sept for senior sessions.

Rock On,