Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oooooh SNAP!!!

...just the build up!

But seriously though, this senior season has been ROCKIN!!!!

Farthest school...Cadillac.

Here's just one pic from one of this summers ROCKIN' sessions. We have thousands more but you'll have to wait to see them all!

This session was just a few days ago but we have it in our studio at 26"x 40" so you can check it out BIG! (really, the print is HUGE!) Anyone can make an image look good on the web, but when it comes to BIG prints where quality counts we Rock it Out!

We capture the real you!

"something different, something fresh, something new."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cute, Cute, Cute...

4 year and a newborn session...this is a quick preview of 1 of just shy of 200 rockin' pics! it!

More to come soon, just need the time to update the kids site. Any chance of a 10 day work week:)?

Check back soon for some of our 2010 senior images! I hope to post some fresh '10 stuff in the next few weeks!

Rock On,

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Imitation is...

...the sincerest form of flattery. We're flattered but seriously, with all the great photographers around this country why copy us?

I got an email last week alerting us to a local photographer copying one of our senior video game image concepts. This is the image we shot two years ago:

I won't even mention who the offending photographer was, it really doesn't matter. We had issues with them copying pretty much everything we did a few years ago and after calling them I thought they were done, I guess not. At least they waited a while to copy this time.

So first off I want to thank our fans who alert us to this kind of stuff! Most of the time there's nothing we can do unless it's one of our copyrighted sports composites or other specialty work, but it's nice to know. We've had a few tips this year that we did take action on, one of which was settled out of court. Any fan that provides info on copyright violations that lead to a settlement will be hooked up with free photography and/or a cash reward. If you see a copyright infringement Do Not Contact the offender, there are a couple reasons why. First, I know we have a lot of hard core fans that want to stand up for us but we need to be the ones who make contact with them. Second, if you contact them first you're giving them a "heads up" and they might remove the material before we have a chance to document all the details. Also, we're not talking about our customers, we give them permission to use images for facebook and other online services as long as the image retains our logo. We're talking about other photographers or businesses that steal our images or copyrighted concepts to profit from them.

So anyway...I call the photographer to find out what the deal is and he completely went off on me! The best way to describe it was a delusional paranoid conspiracy theory rant, it was actually pretty funny. I don't know if he was just having a bad day, week, month...but WOW!

He did bring up the fact we've been asking trespassing photographers to leave the property at our downtown studio when we see them. Yeah, I'm the bad guy for asking someone trespassing on private property to leave. It's not like I run at them waving a bat screaming "get out of here!" It's not my rule, it's the property owners policy. They don't want to get sued if someone gets hurt on their property. It's not just us, pretty much every tenant in the building is sick of it and asks photographers to leave also. It's not a public park for any photographer to come and use. I have close friends that are photographers, if I saw one of them down there shooting I'd kick them out too. I look at it this way, how would you like it if someone walked into your studio, set up one of your backdrops/props that you bought or rent and started shooting a session. Anyone who wants to shoot there is more than welcome to sign a lease and pay rent like the rest of us do. It would actually be pretty cool to have a bunch of different photographers in the building.

Thanks again to our fans lookin' out for us...You Rock!

Hope to have time soon to blog more about what's new.

Rock On,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the New Studio Update...

...with a progress picture, finally. The New CLICKphotographic Jenison Studio is coming soon...

Things are coming along and we're still shootin for the Fall'09 opening. I can't wait til it's done, it's seems like it's taking FOREVER, (although spending a year and a half jumping through hoops for zoning, variances, permits, code requirements and other assorted challenges didn't help the timeline) let's just say it's been a trying experience.

Other news: Still booking sessions like crazy!!! We were thinking of doing more marketing in July but the way it's going so far this year I may actually scale back marketing for next year.

I'm MEGA excited about this years senior clients. All of the seniors who have booked with us so far this year are saying the same thing "We checked out everyone and was our #1 choice" They love our style and creativity. They love the fact we don't play all the marketing hype games or have hidden fees. They love the great pricing, the fact that it's all listed right online and how we don't pressure clients into spending more than they want to.

Seriously, we have the ABSOLUTE BEST CLIENTS in the area!!! They love what we do and appreciate our work, what more could I ask for. I kind of feel guilty getting ALL of the great clients and leaving the rest for other photographers...not really.

This year is gonna ROCK!

If you haven't checked out our Frequently Asked Questions yet, click here to take a peek. It's packed full of answers to common questions we get everyday. If you have a question that's not in our FAQs send it to us...we wanna know what you wanna know!

Who's in the lead for top 5 school senior session bookings now?
1. Lowell
2. Hudsonville
3. Jenison
4. Grandville
5. Allendale

Where are all my Jenison peeps? Grandville!, what are you waiting for? Last year it ended up being Jenison, Grandville, Hudsonville, Lowell & Allendale. We'll see who takes the lead in the top 5 this fall. Who's my favorite? I love em all. It's kind of like my office, I've done work for Haworth, Herman Miller, Steelcase, I have a few furniture pieces from each of them, I really don't do favorites.

That's it for now.

Rock On,

"something different, something fresh, something new."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Did You Get Our...

...2010 Senior Brochure?

If you didn't and you would like one just give us a call and we can send you one (although all of the images in it are right on the website, but if you prefer paper that's ok too).

We finally have our "Frequently Asked Questions" section up on the website (I know, it was supposed to be done two years ago!) and it answers a lot of the questions we get. Be sure to check it out since it covers questions about sessions, proofing, ordering and more. Everyone is just LOVIN' the FAQs section!

We're booking sessions like mad! I think I've booked more sessions in the past two weeks than I did in May, June & July combined last year! If you haven't booked your session don't worry just yet, we're at about 30% capacity so there's still room on the schedule for you. The earlier you book the better the deal so don't wait too long! The only thing we need to hold your session date is just the session fee.

Jenison Studio Update: Framing has started on the 26' x 40' addition, it's exciting to see some actual progress! We're shooting for a Fall '09 opening. I'll post some pictures once it looks a little nicer :)

btw, we started working on the wedding website but so far all we have is the Galleries. I guess it's better than nothing. I hope to have more info posted soon for weddings.

I also need to get a crackin' on the website, I don't think I've updated it in at least 2 years. I think I'm going to do a complete facelift on if I can just find some time.

That's it for now.

Rock On

"something different, something fresh, something new."

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fun Fun Fun!

Another great Memorial Day!

We did the Jenison parade again this year and as always, it was a riot!

If you were at the Jenison parade (and you're a 2010 senior) but didn't get one of our brochures with a "Free Wallets" sticker on the back make sure you go to the Grandville 4th of July parade. We'll be there again this year, just yell "Give Me Brochure" and we will hook you up.

Rock On,

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We Do Sports Too...

Here are a couple posters we did a little while back but never posted samples.

We got ya covered with anything you need for your team, banners, posters, name it! You'll also be surprised at how inexpensive it can be. Give us a call to discuss your teams needs and ideas. Something Different, Something Fresh, Something New, it's what we're all about!

Jenison Basketball Poster (18" x 24")

Jenison Hockey Poster (18" x 24")

Rock On,

Friday, March 20, 2009

2009 Senior Giggle Outtakes...

While selecting images of some of our 2009 seniors I thought I'd put together a quick video of them having a good time.

I grabbed around 110 images and made it. The images are straight "out-o-the-camera" without any editing other than resizing.

What a riot, I can't help but smile and laugh when I watch it! If you're a 2010 senior and wonder if you'll have fun with us...the answer is YES!!!

other news:

The wedding website is close to completion, hopefully by Monday.

The 2010 Senior website is in progress, maybe another week. I literally have thousands of (well over 10,000) images to pick from so it's pretty tough picking favorites.

also, we're on facebook finally (wasn't sure if it would be worth the time but it's actually really cool and kind of freaky how it suggests people) become a CLICK fan click HERE!

Rock On,

Friday, February 6, 2009

Gallery Wraps... time to ramble on, too busy.

I had to post pics of two CLICK Galleria orders that came in this week. The first is this mega cool triptych:

Each panel is 12" wide and 20" tall and the overall size is 20"x38"! Definitely the coolest gallery wrapped canvas I've ever seen. Price - $460.00


This sweet 20"x30" gallery wrapped canvas:

Price - $400.00

I'm still getting swamped with 2009 senior orders (they've been coming in slow this year) and still actually shooting 09 seniors (just had another last week) but I hope to get the wedding, children's and 2010 senior pics and info up on the website soon!

Update on the J-town studio? Not a lot of change since my last update other than the walls for the 26'x40' studio addition were poured and backfilled early Dec., got some more windows in and more siding up, still a lot more to do though. I can't wait til it's done!!!

Rock On,