Thursday, April 12, 2007

30 minutes or the pizza is free, well almost...

What a change from last Thursday!

A week ago it was 5 sessions for the day, today it was 6 deliveries for the day (and we ain't talkin bout pizza).

Wednesday I picked up 3 proof mags, two print orders and a photo handbag, called the clients to let them know they were in and ready for pick up and offered to drop them off Thursday if they were interested. An overwhelming yes from all! We had already planned on running around town today so why not save them the trip!

As I made the rounds from Hudsonville to Grandville to Jenison, to Allendale to Lowell to Grand Rapids back to Jenison it hit me (and I'm not talking about how I should have planned my route better)! We might just add a 1 day a week driver for deliveries!

It's not the first time we've done deliveries. We have clients who live in Rockford but work in GR so if we're headed to the downtown studio we'll drop the order off at their work. We have a lot of moms with two or more children and packing them all up for a quick pick up is a major ordeal (I know this first hand, I have a three month old baby).

It's nothing major, just another one of the things we do for our clients. We see a need, we fulfill it.

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"fulfilling customer needs and exceeding expectations"

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