Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fun Fun Fun!

Another great Memorial Day!

We did the Jenison parade again this year and as always, it was a riot!

If you were at the Jenison parade (and you're a 2010 senior) but didn't get one of our brochures with a "Free Wallets" sticker on the back make sure you go to the Grandville 4th of July parade. We'll be there again this year, just yell "Give Me Brochure" and we will hook you up.

Rock On,


Amy Jeltema said...

I hear you were dancin' around the front yard with our picture the other day. Haha...

CLICKphotographic said...

Yeah, I didn't get a chance to exhibit my exquisite dance moves at your wedding reception so I figured I'd show them off right in the driveway :)

Actually, I was taking the prints off of the float and your mom was hollering and cheering from across the street when she saw the picture. It was funny. So I lifted the print above my head (like a sports fan waving one of those #1 foam fingers) and proceeded to bang it right into the front of the house! Luckily nothing got damaged, that'll teach me to hot dog around :)

At the parade I heard someone say "is that Amy & Kyle in that picture?" I didn't see who it was but I thought it was pretty good since the image is a silhouette, I love that shot!

Did you see the others on, there are a ton of juicy images!