Friday, March 5, 2010

Gone...just a week.

Heading off to the Latin American Photographers Conference. Back on the 15th. Mucho Bueno!!!

2010 Senior season is coming to a close (still waiting on around 16 orders...I really like a closure before the new 2011 season kicks off, but hey, at least it keeps me busy during the "slow season". Seriously though, do I ever get a slow would be kind of, I'd rather be busy:)

This year is gonna ROCK!i!

We have a bunch of new stuff coming out (not gonna say what it is just yet) but it's tizight. We're doin' the stuff that our seniors want and that's all about what we do, makin' our clients happy!

I'm homesick already and I haven't even left yet, although I'm looking forward to generating some fresh ideas for things to come (and I'm going to try and pick 300 or so favorite images from the 28,656 images we shot for our 2010 seniors (which I'm bringing along on my laptop), now I know why I keep hearing "we really had a hard time picking just 75 proofs from our session", that's always been my personal goal with every every senior way more than they bargained for!).

This year is gonna ROCK!i!

Oh, before I sign off...we're getting all the details hammered out on our "get all of your images on disk" deal. That's right, ALL the images! If we shot 300 images during your session and you only ordered 6 for your print order, now's your chance to get the other 294 images (plus the 6 edited ones) to use for whatever your heart desires!!!! I got the idea as I was archiving older session and was thinking "this stinks, I seriously have about 80 images from this session that ROCK (as in I'd use any one of these for the website or brochure or for a 40"x60"studio sample enlargement), they ordered 5 poses...all the rest of these images are going to go into archive and probably never be seen again!" I'd rather offer them at a mega deal and have them be used for something, rather than have them sit unseen on a hard drive forever.

I've said it in the past and I'll say it again "I'll put any of my un-edited proofs up against our competitor's edited prints any day of the week!". I hear it all the time "the proofs are awesome, I don't know what could be done to make them better" and "these untouched proofs look better than my friend's final pictures". We don't try and take a few good pictures, we create great images, period! Our sessions aren't "tests" or "experiments", we know our clients don't have the time to "try and get a few usable pictures" from a hobby photo enthusiast. We just do it right the first time!

Did I mention...this year is gonna ROCK!i! That's all for now.

Rocko Ono (my Spanglish sign off for today:),

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