Tuesday, September 7, 2010

At Last...a Break!

it was waaaay to short though!

We made a run to Chicago for the last supercarsaturdays and cmr9.3.10

I brought limited camera equipment since there's not a whole lot of space in a Lambo (I only had room for 1 camera body, 2 lenses, light meter, flash and syncro cord).

Here are a few of the 300 or so pics I took Fri & Sat (in chronological reverse).

These first car pics are STRAIGHT OUT OF THE CAMERA with NO retouching (just like my portrait photography, my theory is get it right in the camera and you can spend computer time enhancing images not trying to fix them). When I have some time I'm going to photoshop these bad boys and really make them ROCK!!! If the background looks familiar in these first few car pics it's because the location is where the chase scenes in Batman were filmed!

Nick's Viper - this image will ROCK even more with some photoshop magic!!!

Josh's 996 turbo - sweet

Chris' flat black vette - the blue color cast was a happy accident, it's from the blue Lambo lights next in line for a shot. shooting a flat black car with a dark background was a little trickier than I thought it would be.

Tim's Lamborghini Gallardo - any picture of this car is ROCKIN' When I get a chance to work this image over in photoshop I'm going to have to print a 30x40 or bigger!!! Same thing goes for the next shot.

I really liked this shot but wish I had all of my lighting gear, a single corded SB800 was great but I can only imagine how I'd rock this shot with the right gear. That's the real sky too, no photoshop magic on this one.

Heading into Chicago - just a little blur for some action.

I said I was going to ask the police officer to turn his lights back on for a fun shot, someone bet me a dollar I wouldn't, I won.

And the first ticket goes to...Josh. Not for speeding, window tint. Happy to say nobody got a speeding ticket!!!

Troy's Z06 vette - his is hands down the BEST sounding vette I have ever heard, I'd rank it right up there with Ferrari and Lamborghini any day!! So loud in fact it woke us up Sat morning driving down Michigan and we were inside on the 20th floor of the Hard Rock Hotel!!!

The line up in GR waiting to leave.

The sticker says it all!

What a riot, almost as much fun as people portraits!

And to top it all off I had to drive the Lambo back to GR from Chicago, pure torture :)

Rock On,

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