Friday, August 22, 2008

Kids Update & More...

...on the way!

I'm still trying to get caught up on posting some fresh kids stuff. Here's just one from a session a few weeks ago.

I know, don't remind me, I have oodles of kids sessions that should be posted before this one but I'm adding those to the fresh new kids section of the website (if I post too much new stuff to the blog it gives the other photogs something to copy, I'd rather make them wait or think of something on their own).

Which reminds me...I just posted some quick comp senior sports examples July 28, 2008 and what do you know, Aug 10 some guy in Belmont "TRIES" to copy the shot! The Nerve! Crusty, no Rusty, no Musty something old was his name. He didn't even come close (didn't understand why I shot it the way I did, that's what happens when you copy, it looks kind of like the original but it just don't work). I'm both honored and flattered! Here's a great idea for your next wedding - shoot the bride solo and make it black & white but just the flowers of the bouquet are in color!!! (it's soooo fresh). Enough ranting, I'm really flattered other shooters check out my blog and like my work so much (uhum, dan:).

So what else is new?
New J-town studio is coming along (slowly but surely). Still waiting on the architect.

Gearing up for the classes we're offering to Professional and Amateur photographers once the studio is finished. Don't go spending that hard earned cash on filters, actions, generic holiday card templates, announcements or boarders! Be Original, Be Fresh! We'll teach you how and why, literally saving you hundreds or even thousands!! We're just waiting on our facilities to offer these classes and more (if you can't wait we can sell you variety packs of digital photo candy. call or email for the full scoop). Everything from A to Z will be offered.

I think that's it for now.

Rock On,
"CLICK photographic, fresh inspiration"

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