Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Suppose it's time...

...for a new self portrait, since it's been over two years since the last!

So what was wrong with the old one? Well, it wasn't bad but it wasn't great either.

A few weeks ago I was at a photo seminar and a take home gift was a dvd chocked full of hilarious stuff. The guy who puts these together did a little thank you, intro blah blah blah thing at the start of the dvd. In the background he was sure to have his computer as well as a canon camera with a 400mm 2.8 lens on a tripod. My wife asked why he had a telescope behind him (must be very proud of that lens to include it in every interview :). Now I know that lens was probably 5 or 6 grand but c'mon.

Immediately I thought about my self portrait on the website and started laughing. It was an image of me holding a camera with all kinds of lights, lenses and other equipment (I'm such a dorkasaurus sometimes) and realized it was time for something different. It's great if you can laugh at yourself sometimes :).

So I got a freshy up now.

As a side note, the other thing I got a kick out of was the mother & son senior photographer team shooting in auto program mode inside the studio. That was a definite first for me, the comedy value alone was priceless!! Now I understand why most photogs say 3-4 weeks before proofs are ready...because it takes them that long to correct all of the images!

BTW, at CLICK we have your proofs ready for viewing in 24-48 hours after your session!

We shoot it right saving our clients time and money. As another photog told me "your images straight out of the camera are better than most other photogs edited, tweaked, modified and manipulated images" to which I replied "that's just the way we do things, the right way. I have better things to do than spend 40 hours a week in photoshop correcting what should have been done before the shutter release was pressed."

That's part of the reason why we offer FREE blemish removal and enhancements on final prints. The time we save by shooting properly exposed and balanced images can be used to retouch/enhance the images and take them to the next level, something others charge $30+ per image to do.

Rock On,

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