Sunday, May 11, 2008

Last Solo Wedding...

...ahhh. Just finished my last solo wedding last night.

If you haven't heard yet CLICK photographic has teamed up with Chuck Heiney Photography to shoot weddings together!!!

Why am I so excited?

Because it means even better images for my clients!!! Don't get me wrong, the images I get shooting solo are incredible but what happens when you have two pro shooters on the scene, just wait and see.

I knew right from the get go that shooting weddings is a two person job, but with me being such a control freak I never wanted any help. First off if I got an assistant shooter how good would they be? Seriously, if they were that good they'd be shooting on their own. If they weren't that good what's the point, plus how much enthusiasm could they have getting paid a few hundred for a days work. Don't even get me started on husband/wife teams...or the ones who hand your wedding off to an assistant completely. If you're looking for a wedding photographer make sure you ask who shot the examples you are viewing on the website or in a book!

So what's it gonna cost you ask?

We start at $2,200 (and you get all of the high res images on disk!) Want to add an album? No problem. A 30x40 gallery wrap canvas, no problem. You build your wedding package just the way you want. No need to get locked into a package with a lot of things you don't want or need.

What's even better is that our images are ready to print as is without countless hours of photoshop corrections (you know what I mean, wedding dress and skin tones are yellow in one shot, blue in the next, orange, red, green, blown out, dark gray...all over the place).

If you want some enhancing done on some of the images we can do that too! Some people want it, some prefer clean crisp properly exposed images. When you start with a great image you can do just about anything.

I'll be posting a few of the wedding images Monday when I get some time.

Rock On,

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